• 1982 - Origin of Latinex Trading Corporation.

    We are a company dedicated to providing logistic solutions, imports and exports. We were born in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1982 by taking advantage of the failures presented in Latin America to meet the requirements of international or specific purchases in companies. Due to the success of this project, Latinex Corporation was created.
  • 1988 - Move to Miami, Florida.1988 - Move to Miami, Florida.

    Later on, looking into the opportunity to continue expanding, in 1988 we moved to Miami, Florida, where we could continue to work with our customers and offer our services to new companies worldwide in an efficient, flexible and personalized manner. This is where Latinex Trading Corporation was consolidated as we currently know it.
  • 2008 - Opening an office in Medellín, Colombia.

    Given our growth and ranking in the Colombian market, in 2008 we opened an office in Medellin, Colombia, which works with our headquarters in Miami and our network of partners. This has also allowed us to meet special requests with our customers in the United States, Central and South America, and Europe.
    Due to our extensive experience, we have been able to expand our scope, providing our customers with real and innovative solutions to import and export according to their needs with diverse solutions thanks to our allies in various countries. Specialized personnel and strategically located offices are prepared to give a quick and timely response to any of our customers conducting operations in international trade.
  • 2015 - Grupo Familia award.

    We have specialized in the Latin American market in which we know their customs. We know how their businesses operate and the legal and economic factors in the region. Proof of this is the prize that Grupo Familia gave us in 2015 in the category of spare parts and equipment in their 2nd Meeting of Suppliers, an event in which the company highlights the importance of our excellent management as a supplier and our role as an ally.

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