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Partnering with Latinex Trading as a strategic ally has allowed us to have a broader access to the international market of spare parts, which has translated into opportunities to save money as well as time.
Grupo Familia
Analyst of purchases of spare parts, equipment and machinery
Latinex Trading is to our enterprise, Instrumentos & Partes S.A.S an important and serious ally for international purchases, providing an optimal service.
Instrumentos & Partes S.A.S
We have maintained a business relationship of more than 25 years with Latinex Trading, which provides supplies and spare parts with competitive prices. They have distinguished themselves by providing good service in everything related from the follow-up to requests, deliveries compliance, and the immediate response to our needs. Latinex is recognized as a reputable company in their quotes, respecting the conditions and terms that were agreed upon. Latinex Trading is a provider approved by HOLASA, for the purchase of supplies and spare parts.
Foreign Trade Chief
For more than 15 years we have continued a commercial relationship with Latinex Trading. Latinex Trading provides a fast and timely service for our requirements. It is a key supplier for the procurement of specialized products, spare parts, and supplies for mining. Its logistical operation of imports and customs in the international market is both extensive and reliable for our processes.
Minera El Roble MINER S.A.
Logistics manager