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We are a USA based resale-export company established in 1982. We are focused on the international trading of industrial supplies, spare parts, raw materials, and machinery.


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For Minera el Roble, Latinex has been a strategic ally for the supply of materials that are not available locally or are difficult to find, as well as meeting delivery times and attention to detail.

Minera el Roble

Latinex has been a quality partner with their attention to customer needs and the services they provide. They are very attentive to the requests made. Their way of working is very organized which helps get the job done in an efficient manner.


We have maintained a business relationship of more than 25 years with Latinex Trading, which provides supplies and spare parts with competitive prices. They have distinguished themselves by providing good service in everything related from the follow-up to requests, deliveries compliance, and the immediate response to our needs. Latinex is recognized as a reputable company in their quotes, respecting the conditions and terms that were agreed upon. Latinex Trading is a provider approved by HOLASA, for the purchase of supplies and spare parts.


We have been working with Latinex Trading for some years. We have a good commercial relationship based on the attention, agility, availability, and prices. We hope to continue our relationship for a longer period and trust in the mutual growth of the companies.

Tecnología Ferretera

We have had negotiations with Latinex and the experience has exceeded expectations since they have delivered on all aspects of the negotiation.


Para Minera el Roble, Latinex ha sido un aliado estratégico para el abastecimiento de materiales que no son comercializados localmente o difíciles de encontrar, asimismo con el cumplimiento de los tiempos de entrega y calidad en la atención

Minera el Roble
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